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Educa Dreams is an educational consultancy company that serves as a bridge between the students and higher education institutions abroad. We have been working in the education industry for the last 5 years and have helped thousands of students from Africa,

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educaDreams is an educational consultancy focused on higher education. It means that, in majority, the programs are of an academic nature. In today’s post we will explain in more detail each one of them!


– GRADUATION: in this program, the student goes abroad to complete the degree at any of our partner institutions and only comes back to the country of origin when the course was completed, thus having an international and very prestigious diploma;


– POST GRADUATION OR MASTERS: to choose this option, the student has to have a Bachelor’s degree already. In addition to that, some master’s and postgraduate programs ask for a specific training area, so it is necessary to pay attention to that as well. The courses duration is from 1 to 2 years, and some of them offer the alternative of placement (when the visa is extended for another year so the student can work in the same area of the course in the destination country) or offer the possibility of applying for a Post-study work Visa, depending on the country.


– MOBILITY: the student starts the undergraduate course in his/her country of origin and stay there for the time that is required by the institution, and then he/she travels to study abroad for usually 6 months or 1 year. After that, the student returns home Then he returns home to complete the course and have a national diploma.


– TRANSFERENCE: in this option the student also starts the course at his/her country of origin and stays for the time that is required by the institutions. However, unlike the mobility, the course is transferred to the partner institution abroad. It means that the student will have a diploma from an international university, despite starting the studies at a national institution.


– VACATION COURSE: this is the only program that, despite taking place inside a university, is not of an academic nature. The vacation course takes place in Canada, and the options of 3 and 4 weeks are offered. The goal is to practice English and have an exclusive Canadian experience, with several workshops and outdoor activities.


Do you want to know more about our programs? Send an email to info@educadreams!


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