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Educa Dreams is an educational consultancy company that serves as a bridge between the students and higher education institutions abroad. We have been working in the education industry for the last 5 years and have helped thousands of students from Africa,

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educaDreams also offers a summer course in Canada now and in this post we will present more information about this program!




The course is at Thompson Rivers University, in Kamloops, British Columbia. Thompson Rivers treats the student’s success as a priority. Therefore, flexible learning options, individualized services for students, practical learning opportunities and a diverse and inclusive environment are offered.


The institution has existed for 45 years and is known for its excellent education offered to all students. Nearly 26,000 students study at the campuses in Kamloops and Williams Lake, also distance and online courses and programs, through the Open Learning program (TRU platform).


There are more than 140 programs on campus and 60 Open Learning programs. Students apply what they learn in cooperative work, studies abroad, research, schools and field training – all with TRU’s support and guidance. Research, creation and innovation are highly encouraged in the TRU environment.


TRU’s main campus is in Kamloops, a medium-sized city, known for being welcoming and offering many leisure and cultural attractions. It has 85 thousand inhabitants, of which 4 thousand are part of the TRU student body. It is considered as Canada’s sports capital and recognized as a training center for elite athletes – including NBA players, Olympic champions and other internationally recognized athletes. It attracts visitors and athletes every year to enjoy the world-class sporting events and facilities – water sports, snow and golf are very popular. The climate is not one of the hardest in Canada – around 20 degrees in summer (famous for having 2 thousand of sunshine hours a year), and about -3 in the winter (with snow!). It is also close to some of the main hubs in British Columbia, Alberta and the USA.


Thompson Rivers is considered as one of the best universities in Canada to go on exchange, and gets around 3500 international students a year, from more than 85 countries, besides the short-term courses’ students.





The Language and Culture Program offers English classes and several cultural activities that bring students closer to Canadian habits. The result is a super dynamic program that will provide students with greater cultural knowledge, greater language proficiency and a much more informed worldview.

The program offers, to students who are 16 or more, the necessary English skills to participate fully in all activities, with emphasis on the main areas: speaking, listening, writing, reading, vocabulary and grammar.


All students will be a part of practical workshops that allow them to develop and expand their intercultural communication skills. In addition, a number of practical electives are offered, which are designed to increase learning opportunities. These programs include a tour through the TRU campus and the city of Kamloops.




Four super cool workshops were included at the beginning of all language and culture programs. The participants explore the meaning and basic elements of culture, experience key concepts in verbal and non-verbal communication, and reflect on their strengths and weaknesses, so that they can develop a deeper cultural awareness.




8 alternatives of optional subjects are offered. Each student should choose 3 they like the most, as these will be the alternatives considered to split the groups.


Applied English. Choose a topic you like with a partner, make your research about it, create a presentation and share it with the class.

Global citizenship. Get a deeper understanding of your rights and responsibilities as a global citizen, and explore key concepts such as diversity and privilege.

Healthy choices. Expand your knowledge about healthy eating, exercise and keeping a healthy mind, while expanding your English vocabulary.

Leadership skills. Explore the fundamental theory of leadership, identify your leadership style and learn about effective communication techniques.


STEM skills. Whether your career goals are in science, technology, engineering or mathematics, you can learn specific field terminology, develop functional language and practice working with numbers in English.

Study Skills. Explore strategies to improve study skills, including setting realistic goals and using study time effectively, as well as experimenting with a variety of effective study techniques.

Sustainability. Learn how to make smart choices that will make the world a safer and cleaner place, learn about life without waste and explore sustainability projects on campus.

English in the workplace. This elective guides you through all the important aspects of a job search, including an individualized job search, resume preparation, cover letter writing and job interview skills.

What you will develop:


– Improved communication skills

– A legit Canadian experience

– Opportunities to practice English in real life situations

– Contact with students from all over the world


Included in the program:


– Homestay accommodation (meals included)

– Pick-up and drop-off at Kamloops airport

– Free Wi-Fi on campus

– Support from instructors inside the classroom and during activities

– Costs of all cultural and recreational activities scheduled

– Support from International Student Advisors


The program has two duration options: 3 or 4 weeks. To learn more about summer courses in Canada, send an email to info@educadreams.com.br!


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